I know that the Big Brother 2014 premiere kicks off tonight and we are a long way from determining the winner of Big Brother 16, but why not make some Big Brother 2014 predictions before the season even starts??? We’ve all watched the Big Brother 2014 cast during their video interviews and first impressions can go a long way, so tell me who you are rooting for to go all the way this season! Vote in our poll below in my Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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For those completely out of the loop, the Big Brother 16 cast can be seen here! We have 16 new HGs and eight of them will move in tonight and compete in the first Head of Household competition of the season. The remaining eight HGs will move in tomorrow night and compete in another HoH competition!

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We have a long journey ahead of us (and hopefully a fun and entertaining journey), but who do you think can make it all the way to the end and take home that $500,000 prize? I am torn on this one, as it is hard to say. I am liking the vibe from Joey Van Pelt and Donny Thompson could always sneak by if he keeps a low profile being the “old man” in the group. Vote in our Big Brother 2014 poll here:

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