I have been asked this question a thousand times, so I am going to do a post and hope that is clears up some of your concerns about this special eviction on Big Brother 2014! We all know that it will be Frankie Grande walking through those doors this week on Big Brother 16, but so many people want to hear the boos and think they won’t. Check out the details below in my Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Episode 33 Preview 21

Here is the dealio, after the Veto Meeting yesterday and Cody not using the veto and Frankie and Victoria remaining on the block for Week 12, it looks like a done deal for Frankie to be evicted this week and join the jurors that are so undeserving of getting money during the luxury competition (his words).

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Since this is a special eviction, everyone is concerned there will be no audience and he won’t get the boos that he would likely get during a live audience. Here is how it works:

  • This special eviction will be taped today (Monday) sometime and the live feeds will go down
  • The vote will happen and Frankie will be walking through those doors and there will be an audience
  • The audience will consist of CBS employees and their friends. This is nothing special that is setup because it is Frankie being evicted. This would happen if it was any of the five HGs being evicted. They want to keep the eviction on the hush hush until it airs on Tuesday night, so no regular audience.
  • The audience could still boo him. It won’t be an audience telling them not to boo, but it wouldn’t be the same reaction had a regular audience been in place.
  • The eviction and new HoH competition should air on Tuesday night.
  • Big Brother 16 is fixed for Frankie to win….

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