I have been asked a thousand times since last night on Big Brother 2014, so I will try to clarify (as best I can) about this new twist on Big Brother 16 and what it means to the game. So, Julie Chen introduced the Big Brother Rewind button last night on the Double Eviction show and we saw the HGs got a glimpse of it in the Memory Wall as the show ended. It didn’t last long, but they hit it and now we all want to know what happens! Check out some details below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Big Brother RewindPhoto Credit: BigBrotherNetwork.com

The golden button is in the Have Not room, which was redesigned on Wednesday and sealed off to the HGs. They opened it back up after the live show and the HGs questioned what it was for and it went everywhere from new clothes for them all filling the room and each of them getting $5,000 when they hit it.

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The new HoH competition took place for Week 11 and the HGs came back to the button and were talking about what to do. Frankie wanted to hit the button and said they’d look like “assholes” if they didn’t hit it. Caleb thought it would bring rewards, so he wanted to hit it, but would do whatever the group wanted (per usual). Victoria and Cody seemed hesitant, but no real say and Derrick was very against it and thought bad things would happen. He went with the group and they hit it together! I thought it would take a lot more time for them to hit it, but nope! There is a screen in the room and it went to a countdown, which was at five days, 19 hours and some more time. That would put us to Wednesday and the live eviction show, which they think is just a regular show and not aware of the changes to the Big Brother schedule.

Now to what happens from here, as far as I think it will be, since CBS has not confirmed anything:

  • The HGs know nothing about what hitting the button actually meant.
  • They will do nominees today, Veto Competition tomorrow and Veto Meeting on Monday, per usual.
  • Come Wednesday, Julie said it would stop the live vote and rewind everything from that week. For me, I hope they let them vote and announce the person evicted, but announce the twist then!
  • Either way, everything that happens this week is for nothing. When Julie makes the announcement of the BB Rewind, the HoH is dethroned, the nominees come off the block and no Power of Veto winner for Week 11 and Week 11 only.
  • I am assuming, based on the schedule, we will then see another Double Eviction type show and it will all take place that hour (on Wednesday) and one of them will go to the jury house.
  • A new HoH comp will take place (Derrick can’t participate because he won during the DE last night), new nominees announced, new Veto Comp and Meeting and then a live vote on Big Brother 2014.

So, what does this mean? Frankie’s HoH reign this week means nothing. It does not favor him, but could hurt him. I mean, he could go from HoH and then lose the new HoH comp and be on the block and out the door! He also could turn around and win HoH again and it will probably play out the same way during the live show.

This could expose some things during the week, especially if anyone comes up with some crazy plans and maybe target Cody or Caleb. They turn around and win HoH and Frankie would be gone since he wanted them gone. It could expose some secrets, but it’ll probably be another lame twist and Frankie win HoH and no big changes. This should have been done a week or two ago when more people in the house (and more people in the house that we liked)!

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