While everyone out there knows my feelings about Frankie Grande on Big Brother 2014, I am curious (and was asked to do this) on how the numbers would stack up for the likes and dislikes of Frankie on Big Brother 16. I don’t want it to turn into some hateful post and have people going at each other because they love or hate him, but a good conversation to see why people do love or hate him. So, I am starting a Big Brother poll to share your love or share your hate! Vote below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Week 8 HoH Photos 9

Since I am writing this, I will state my case and no one can stop me! It has been a roller coaster with Frankie and my feelings toward him. I started the pre-season not liking him and thinking he was going to be annoying and not likable. His photos annoyed me and his whole look bothered me.

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Then the Big Brother 2014 premiere happened and I found myself enjoying him (which I wrote about here). He shocked me and I thought his personality was fun and he could bring some entertainment to the Big Brother 2014 house. The weeks went on and he got more and more annoying. His ego has grown with each passing day and I just can’t stand him any more. He thinks the house and everything that happens revolves around him.

I mean, he planned to reveal his “big secret” around BBAD and then his play last night had to be done on BBAD. No one wants to see you Frankie! I lost all respect for him with the big Ariana Grande reveal and how he is a Social Media Mogul. His comments were disgusting. I know this is a game and people do what they can to win the $500,000 and I respect that, but I don’t think I would like him outside of the house.

So, do you love him or hate him? Vote here:

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