The first group of HouseGuests on Big Brother 2014 moved in last night on the Big Brother 16 premiere and I had a shocking moment (and it was not because of what Julie Chen decided to wear for the premiere). No, it was Frankie Grande and how I found myself liking him! I never thought this would happen, but I do know that the season has just begun! Check out my thoughts below in my Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Cast Spoilers - Frankie

Last night on Big Brother 16, we saw the first eight HouseGuests move into the house and try to figure out how this game was going to work this summer. Believe me, we are still trying to figure that all out too! The 8 HGs formed an eight-person alliance called “Crazy 8’s” and they started strong as a group. The first Head of Household competition was held and Frankie won, but definitely after Amber threw the competition because she was afraid of the HoH twist and them not being safe for the week, which I think was a bad move on her part!

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Either way, Frankie showed me a side of him that I may not mind this summer. Everything about him looked and seemed annoying heading into the night (I mean, look at that picture of him above), but then I found him funny and loved his personality. Sure, he may seem like a lot to handle and have some extra energy he could throw my way on certain days, but I still found him to be likable. I mean, we were all annoyed by Paola, so how fun would it be to see Paola and Frankie fight it out for a showmance with Cody and Frankie come out on top???

Indeed we have eight more HGs to meet tonight on Big Brother 2014, but Frankie Grande shocked me on Night 1 and I am intrigued to see where he goes from here! Go Grande or go home!

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