Ever since Frankie and Cody won HoH from Week 4 on Big Brother 2014, there has been a lot of talk about who the nominees would be and it is starting to make my head hurt! I think we were all rooting for a Hayden and Donny victory during that HoH competition on Big Brother 16 and seeing what nominees they might put up, especially since Donny seems to be playing his own game and not always listening to what the others want him to do! So, the Nominations Ceremony for Week 4 was just held, so find out the nominees below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Week 4 Nominees

Our Live Feeds recap from last night has us all very curious. We all thought that Caleb would be the target this week. Frankie and Cody started out with it being Jocasta and Brittany as the targets and being put up on opposite sides and whoever loses the Battle of the Block would become the main target. We then had issues of the other nominees and Cody not wanting to put up Amber and then Donny’s name was even mentioned as a possible backdoor target (sad face)!

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The Nominations Ceremony is done and for the Week 4 nominees, we have:

  • Frankie’s nominees: Amber and Jocasta
  • Cody’s nominees: Brittany and Victoria

This Nomination Ceremony took forever (as it did last week too), but it is finally done and we have the nominees for Week 4, as it was discussed and planned by the HoHs previously. We want to see more action from these HGs and truly see where the target is at! It looks like it could be Brittany at this point.

What do you think of the nominees on Big Brother 2014 for Week 4?

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