This could be a rough week for many Big Brother 2014 fans out there and that is based on what happened last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds and what this group of HGs has up their sleeves! Everyone was ecstatic to see Devin walk out that door last night on Big Brother 16, but the new Head of Households have a plan and I don’t like it! Check out the highlights below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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Moving past the live show, we had the feeds come back and discovered that Frankie and Cody won HoHs for Week 4. While this could be a good or bad thing (Cody was chatting about getting Caleb out), it turns out it is a bad thing and this house is going after the side of the house that I kind of like.

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After lots of talk and planning, it seems that Frankie and Cody will be nominating Brittany, Amber, Jocasta and Victoria. The issue: Cody can’t nominate Amber because they are such good “friends” (friends that like to cuddle and they are both starting to annoy me). Frankie doesn’t want to nominate Amber because he wants to remain HoH for the week and thinks she has a better chance of winning. In the end, it looks like whoever nominates first will put up Victoria and Jocasta and the second will put up Amber and Brittany. It started as Jocasta and Brittany as the main targets, so whoever is left on the block will be the target. The night was winding down and the new target was a backdoor of Donny!!!! This does not sit well with me, especially this early in the game. So, Donny would go up as a renom and be sitting next to Brittany or Jocasta and Donny would be the target. We know it is very early in the week, but this still does not sit well with me!

As far as other things happening, Team America got their mission and must nominate a “Power Threat” and Derrick and Frankie are trying to justify Amber as a threat, but they don’t think Donny will buy it (can you blame him)? Nicole had issues with her bed and drama followed and she looked pretty silly. Brittany cried…Jocasta cried and both know they are going on the block. Caleb knows Amber is going on the block and not too upset about it, but he is livid about how close Cody and Amber are getting. And Frankie got his HoH letter, which was from his sister Ariana Grande (“Ari” to the other HGs) and he got baby pictures of her!

On a side note, our friend Matthew Boyer from was getting some major shoutouts from the HGs last night and it caused the feeds to go to fishies! He does the pre-season interviews that I shared with you all, so props to him for getting the love!

Nominations Ceremony and Battle of the Block will happen sometime today, so keep an eye out for our updates on that!

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