Heading into the Nomination Ceremony on Big Brother 2014 for Week 5, it was still unclear of what Zach intended to do. He is a loose cannon and you never know what he will do. He likes to mess with the other HGs and do things for his enjoyment because he is bored. This week could get fun on Big Brother 16, but a lot of that depends on how today went. Find out the Week 5 nominees on Big Brother 16 below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Week 4 HoH Photos 2

We saw on the Live Feeds recap last night, but the HGs were all over the place with their possible nominees and we can thank Zach for that. Zach and Frankie met and had a backdoor plan of Caleb and then Amber if he wins veto. However, he kept running his mouth and this week could end with Zach walking out the door!

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The Nominations Ceremony is done and for the Week 5 nominees, we have:

  • Frankie’s nominees: Jocasta and Victoria
  • Zach’s nominees: Nicole and Christine

This is where things last stood in the morning, but you never know with Zach! I think Team America accomplished their mission, as there were apparent fireworks at the ceremony (probably Zach going after Christine). I want to see this all go down, but Nicole is now crying in one room and Victoria crying in another. Frankie is telling Victoria that she has the votes to stay and he’ll use the veto on her.

From here, it looks like Nicole and Christine should win and come off the block and no more HoH for Zach and could lead to a backdoor of him! The Battle of the Block is going to be key and that comes later today!!!

What do you think of the nominees on Big Brother 2014 for Week 5?

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