It was a Sunday in the Big Brother 2014 house and while that is normally a quiet day, we got to see the Veto Ceremony and we now know the final nominees for Week 1 on Big Brother 16! The day went by slow, but a booze delivery spiced things up a little bit at night thanks to Nicole’s 22nd birthday! Check out the details below in my Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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Like I said, we got to see the Power of Veto Ceremony yesterday and Donny, after winning the Veto, took himself off the block and Caleb put up Joey as the replacement nominee. All of that was no big shocker, especially after Joey seemed to ruin her own game the night before! It seems like she has given up and knows she is going home, but it is Monday and that is a lot of time before that live eviction show and maybe she can muster some fight!

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Things got quiet for most of the day, but then it was Nicole’s birthday and they got some alcohol to celebrate! Alcohol is always fun in the Big Brother house and it did not disappoint. We saw Caleb finally announce his love to Amber. Her response: thanks for the compliments. She is looking to make friends with everyone in the house. FRIENDS! Yeah, Caleb missed the memo and the subtle “no thanks” from Amber and this could turn into GinaMarie 2.0! He was actually wearing Amber’s dress around his neck all day!

Frankie and Christine (I am liking here right now) had a little talk and they want to be the “Smart Bombs” and made a F2 alliance. Frankie better watch it because he seems to have a F2 alliance with everyone in the house! Zach and Cody also talked and they said no Bomb Squad members until Week 5 and then clear house!

Everyone in the house seems to be questioning the mental stability of Devin, who thinks the women will all get emotional. Well, he cries all the time and you never know where his mind is at. I mean, he outed his own alliance to Christine and Amber! He apologized to Brittany about the bed sheets and lotion fight the day before and he cried some more.

Let’s hope Joey gets some fire inside of her before Thursday night’s show, otherwise this could be a pretty boring week!

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