While there were some funny moments in the Big Brother 2014 house yesterday, there were no real game talk moments in the house and everyone is preparing to say goodbye to Devin tonight on Big Brother 16 and then preparing for the HoH competition and who they should target next week. After Devin went on the block, the week has calmed down because mission accomplished! Check out some highlights from yesterday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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Let’s talk Caleb. Sure, he is on the block for Week 3, but he has no worries about going home (and rightfully so). He appears to be “over Amber” and convinced she has a showmance with Cody, but then he talks about her an awful lot to be over her. He also mentioned his breasts were very sore and his estrogen levels are off! Then he babbled on for a while with Zach about how famous he will be once Big Brother 16 is done. Limo rides and paparazzi and having to call ahead at restaurants to say the Beast Mode Cowboy is arriving shortly.

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Frankie and Zach are a confusing couple. They cuddle one minute and are holding hands and solidifying their F2 alliance. Then Zach will go and talk to someone else and be on-board with getting Frankie out as soon as possible. He says he can’t trust him to others, but then goes and tells all his secrets to Frankie, like the Los Tres Amigos alliance with Derrick and Cody! I feel neither of the guys are attached to the F2 deal, but they always talk about it.

Our man Donny was chatting with Hayden and he thinks Derrick is the leader of the big alliance. He mentions getting Derrick on the block soon so he can see what it feels like to be up there! The other side of the house needs to rally together and soon or they will be picked off one-by-one….start working on it, Donny!

Everything depends on the HoH Competition tonight (which they think will be an endurance competition and were on indoor lockdown all night). Talk is of Victoria, Brittany and Jocasta being in the block and possibly Donny. This is no big shocker, which is why we need one of those people to win tonight and mix up these nominations and get the blood flowing again in the Big Brother 2014 house!

You all ready for another big day on Big Brother 16???

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