We had our normal Saturday in the Big Brother 2014 house, as the HGs made their way through picking the Power of Veto players and then the Veto Competition taking place on Big Brother 16. It was do-or-die time for Brittany, who was the main target for the power alliance of eight. Check out some highlights from Saturday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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Before the players were picked, we saw Brittany and Amber talking about working together and they want Zach gone. They really have no idea how the game works, as they want to try and get Cody to pick Zach as the host and then he won’t be able to compete. Yeah, that’s how it works! With that logic, shouldn’t Devin had hosted the week before??? Either way, they want to work together to keep Brittany safe. Then the players are picked and Brittany gets the HG Choice chip and asks for volunteers and Caleb volunteers! Brittany did not want to pick Amber because she didn’t want people to see they are working together (smart girl)!

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The Veto Competition was held and it was the trade-up competition and they all get a “prize” and can trade for something better. The true winner of the competition was Caleb, but he took $5,000 over the veto and Victoria ended up winning veto and will be safe for the week. Other prizes: Zach won a trip to Germany, Cody won kicking his own butt (using a machine that kicks him and he has to do it ten times when the whistle blows), Nicole won wearing a German-inspired unitard for a week and Brittany won kicking 2,400 soccer goals in a 24-hour period!

With Victoria winning, it was time to figure out who to put next to Brittany on the block. There was mention of Zach or Caleb, but Derrick put those ideas to rest and has everyone focused on putting up Donny, but knowing that Brittany is the target. They think Zach or Caleb could go home over Brittany, but no one would vote for Donny. However, Cody is worried about upsetting Donny and then becoming a target for him next week (why is everyone afraid of upsetting people in this game)?

Brittany and Zach got into a couple heated discussions and they just don’t like each other, which would make it interesting if Zach went up as a renom. Caleb and Amber talked and for some reason, Caleb got the idea that Amber would go to Germany with him if he won that trip. He decides to talk to Zach and they trade prizes, so now Caleb thinks he is going on a trip with Amber. She never agreed to it and she shot him down on his idea of going on a cruise together. The man is nuts and has someone in his head telling him things that don’t actually happen on Big Brother 2014! Anyway, production nixed the trade idea and they both have their original prizes.

Brittany has a little over 1,000 goals kicked, so more power to her! They got alcohol, but it did no good. Frankie talked with Amber and made it sound like it was Cody wanting her on the block and not him, which Cody heard about and is pissed. He smooths it out later and Amber seems to be the target for next week. When will they focus on Frankie and how no one trusts him? When will Nicole get to wear her regular clothes? What will Sunday bring to the Big Brother 16 house?

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