It was an emotional day in the Big Brother 2014 house, as Frankie Grande was informed of his grandfather’s death and the other HGs consoled in an emotional meeting. Well, everyone but Caleb, who happened to be sleeping at the time Frankie was told. Other than that, the house was kind of quiet and HGs just hanging out and planning things for the next HoH competition on Big Brother 16 and what it might possibly be. Check out the highlights from the Big Brother Live Feeds below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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The big news of the day was Frankie’s grandfather passing away. He received a letter from his family informing him of his death and it go emotional. We are definitely going to need the Kleenex tonight while watching! This line from the letter gets me: “I’m sure he’s watching from heaven, which is better than any live feed.” I just can’t handle it!

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So, Frankie has decided to stay in the game and that his family would have told him to leave if they needed him. He is going to win this for his grandpa, which could put a new fire under him! He gave a eulogy to the camera in the HoH room during BBAD. Caleb did wakeup later and talk to Frankie about it and was very nice and caring and Frankie said he was his best friend in the house.

Now to other things happening in the Big Brother 2014 house: Brittany was in bed about 10:30PM BBT, so she pretty much has given up on campaigning and knows she is going home this week. The HGs were on indoor lockdown for the HoH competition tonight, which many of them are thinking will be an endurance comp. The Detonators were chatting and want to put up Victoria/Amber and Jocasta/Donny with Caleb being backdoored. I can get on board with that, but I am so sick of the same nominees and I am praying for a mixup with these HoHs. Donny to win and remain safe. Zach to win because you never know what he is going to do. Jocasta to win and see who Jesus tells her to put up.

We need some fresh meat in that HoH room, so let’s hope for a fun night tonight on Big Brother 2014!

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