Saturday was a day of getting things in place for what is to come during Week 5 on Big Brother 2014 thanks to the Veto Competition. The day started a little slow, but it seems like the HGs have a target for Week 5 and it could shock some of them on Big Brother 16! Check out the highlights from Saturday on the Big Brother Live Feeds below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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We seemed to get a late start on the day, as the veto players were not picked until later in the afternoon. I thought this was going to lead us into a late night for the veto results for Week 5, but I was wrong. They were at the normal time and we saw Hayden take home the victory this week. Jocasta, again, was in bed and Donny was taking care of her and fanning her. Apparently Jocasta and comps don’t go well together!

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The HGs were scrambling from this point. It seems like Frankie and the gang want to put Amber up as the renom and backdoor her this week! As exciting as that could be, it is still another female walking out the door. Hayden promised Victoria he would take her off the block because she picked him to play in the comp. Frankie plans on talking to Caleb and getting his approval to put Amber on the block and try to convince him that Amber is using him and not interested and taking advantage of him. If he approves, than backdoor Amber plan in effect. If Caleb reacts bad, then backdoor Caleb plan in effect.

My thoughts: what does it matter what Caleb thinks or how he reacts? Why does this house feel the need for everyone to approve in order for a move to be made? Grow a pair, make a move and deal with the consequences. Unless they are all going to split the $500,000 in the end, only one person wins and they need to start making moves to show why they deserve to win. They have the numbers, whether Caleb freaks out or not, to send home Amber. If thats what they want to do (I think it is stupid because Amber is not a threat), then just do it…approval or no approval from Caleb!

My rant is done, so now they put Zach to work. He starts working both Caleb and Amber and pitting them against each other. He does good, but this is his speciality. Wreak havoc for his enjoyment. It also ruins his game since everyone thinks he is a loose cannon and cannot be trusted. However, Beast Mode Cowboy “comes up” with the plan to take Jocasta off the block and put Amber in her place. Victoria would go home, but it would scare Amber and she would realize her cowboy can’t save her and all he has done for her in the past was so heroic.

The HGs try to convince Hayden to use the veto on Jocasta instead of Victoria, but he said he promised it to Victoria and not going back on his word. He said he would do damage control with Caleb, if need be.

All-in-all, these HGs are never sure of a plan. Things could change with a full 24 hours before the Veto Meeting and that could mean ideas change on Sunday. Also, Hayden talked with Donny at some point and was filling him in on everything going on and Zach talked to him briefly about things. If Hayden and Donny could get more support, that would be an alliance I would totally support!

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