All of our prayers were answered last night on Big Brother 2014 and this week could be, probably, the best week so far on Big Brother 16, but that all depends on how today goes and how these two new HoHs work their reign. We saw Big Brother 2014 come to an end without knowing who won HoH for Week 6, but the Big Brother Live Feeds gave us all the info we would need and I shared that with you last night. It was game talk the rest of the night and another HUGE backdoor plan could be in the works!!! Check out the highlights from last night in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers below!

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As most of you know, Nicole and Donny won the tiebreaker last night and are the new Heads of Household for Week 6! Have I mentioned how amazingly happy this makes me? Well, it does! Now it is a matter of where they go from here and that worries me. To sum it up, by the end of the night we had Donny nominating Caleb and Victoria and Nicole nominating Jocasta and Zach.

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The only sure thing this week is that Hayden is safe. From there, they talked about who the true target is. I like that the are splitting the HGs up a little, so literally either of them could win the Battle of the Block today. They seem to want to keep Donny as HoH and then someone winning Veto to take down Victoria and put Frankie up as a renom and backdooring him! However, this is so iffy and no one knows if it would work. However, having Caleb/Zach (whichever one loses the BotB) and then Frankie on the block together would be amazing and a huge change that this Big Brother 2014 house needs.

One things is certain: Frankie will be a Have Not this week, which he has yet to be! I know he lost his grandfather and that is terrible, but Frankie has had a pretty easy time in the house besides that news. It is time he paid some dues, right?

To be honest, it was a night of everyone trying to figure out what to do with the nominees. Derrick (maybe) seems to be on board with the backdoor Frankie plan, but he could be feeding Nicole a line. I mean, it would be getting out a huge threat to his game and no blood on his hands! Zach is getting antsy, as he basically told Nicole to nominate him. We also saw a new F4 deal made, as Nicole, Hayden, Derrick and Cody made an alliance. As much as Derrick pissed me off with throwing the blame on Donny for not completing the Team America mission when he voted, I like this alliance and could root for them.

This is a huge day and weekend in the Big Brother 16 house. Who gets nominated and who wins Battle of the Block are huge, but then the Power of Veto is big, as well, to see if a backdoor plan could go into affect. I am beyond pumped for what this next week will bring, including a Double Eviction on Thursday!!! Caleb and Frankie gone in one night???

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