As Big Brother 2014 carries on, we have come to realize that the day time will be pretty boring (except for Monday) and they finally wakeup and bring us some entertainment during the night time hours! I knew with so much time from that Veto Meeting until the live eviction show that we would see some fireworks in the house and it is pure entertainment watching these HGs on Big Brother 16 work out the vote for this week. Check out the details from Tuesday in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers below!

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Not much happened during the day, as everyone was winding down (and sleeping) from a busy time the day before. We saw Devin increase his obsession for Brittany and he is starting to take over the spot Caleb filled for Week 1. We had some HoH camera time and Zach rehearsing his final speech for the live eviction show.

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The evening rolled around and we got to see Derrick work his magic. This guy is amazing at what he does and he manages to chat with people (Caleb this time) and convince them to do something and they don’t even know why they are agreeing with him. This conversation happens about 10:00pm BBT, so check it out! Needless to say, he convinced Caleb to keep Zach around! Frankie and Christine are worried about voting against the Bomb Squad and want a 7-5 vote to not out them for voting for Zach to stay.

As it turns out, I don’t think that will be necessary. Frankie decided to go tell Devin that they will be voting Paola out this week and Zach will stay. Devin, being his normal crazy self, takes the news just like you think he would: insanely bad! He proceeds to out the Bomb Squad to Donny, who he had to wakeup to talk to. Donny doesn’t seem to care, but Devin wants the Double D alliance back for a third time?

Donny’s lack of a reaction on Big Brother 16 made Devin go even deeper. He brings Brittany up to the HoH room and tells her all the details of the BS, but making himself look like a god. She seems to be buying it. Then Jocasta is summoned to the HoH room and we hear it all again. Both of them are buying his talk, or so it seems. Frankie spread some lies earlier in the week about Zach and hating on women and saying bad things about Victoria, so Devin is using that to his benefit.

Devin plans to eliminate each and every person in the Bomb Squad one at a time, but I don’t think he knows he is just ruining his own game. It looks like Zach will stay and Devin becomes Target #1 for Week 3! However, maybe his daughter and integrity will save him???

We have a full day left before the live eviction show tomorrow night, so you never know what could happen before now and then. Needless to say, these HGs on Big Brother 2014 are making it more and more exciting to watch!

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