With fewer HGs remaining on Big Brother 2014, there isn’t much happening on the Big Brother Live Feeds to talk about, especially when they already know who is going home this week and no one can be talked into changing their minds! Zach is headed out the door this week, but could be be turning right back around with the jury competition on Big Brother 16? Check out the highlights from Tuesday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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There really isn’t much to report about what went on yesterday. Victoria is still obsessed with Zach and that pink hat she destroyed, which now she wrapped up in tin foil and put in a Ziploc bag! During the day, we saw Donny and Cody have a pretty long conversation. Donny was working him pretty hard about not wasting an HoH (if Cody wins next week) on Donny, which Cody said he doesn’t plan on doing (he may be gunning for Frankie). Donny said right now, Cody would be settling for fifth place unless he makes a big move. Donny was throwing Derrick under the bus big time and saying he has a F2 alliance with everyone, including Donny. Victoria will make it further in the game than both of them. They agree to keep each other safe for next week.

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The other obsession in the Big Brother 2014 house is Christine and Cody, who continue their touchy-touchy relationship after being called out by Zingbot. No one in the house quite gets it, but Zach talked about using it as a weapon to get Christine to vote to keep him or he’ll put her on blast on live television. Of course, Derrick talked him out of it.

We saw Zach and Frankie get into it again later in the night, as Zach was trying to campaign and stay over Cody, who he said has no enemies in the house and everyone would be gunning to get Zach gone every week. Of course, it was the famous “this is what everyone in the house wants” reply. Zach was making valid points to keep him, but Frankie decides to go off on him and makes it look bad that he is even campaigning. He even went as far as saying that Zach is taking food out of starving African children’s mouths! My hatred for Frankie grows more and more every day.

So, Frankie goes back to Derrick, Caleb and Cody and pretty much makes fun of Zach for even trying to campaign (I guess you don’t do that on Big Brother)? Frankie is an ass. Derrick was also talking to Caleb on his own and wants them, Cody and Frankie for a F4. Then Cody goes and him and Caleb in the F2. Donny is right, Derrick has a F2 with everyone!

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