Well, we had the last night of Zach on the Big Brother 2014 live feeds (or maybe not depending on who wins the jury competition tonight). He came to terms with his upcoming eviction and the HGs moved on to next week and where they go from here, even though none of them are thinking a jury member returns this week on Big Brother 16. They are thinking next week, but not the case! Check out the highlights from Wednesday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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Early in the day, we saw Donny and Christine being the only ones awake and he tried to talk game with her, just like he did with Cody the day before. As good as it went with Cody is how it went with Christine. She nodded and agreed, even though Donny is making valid points to both of them and they are not going to win unless they make big moves. Her big move: running to Cody afterwards to share their info and hate on Donny.

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The Detonators met and discussed Donny and him trying to talk to Christine and Cody. It is funny because Donny had no one before the talks and has no one again, but these HGs act like it is a crime what he was trying to do. Now they have this to use as their excuse of going after him, but they were going after him anyways. Derrick actually said Donny was the most manipulative person in the Big Brother 2014 house!

Zach got a bow tie from Frankie and a shirt from Caleb to look all fancy for his eviction tonight. Caleb and Derrick said they’d miss him. Christine, Cody and Frankie can’t wait for him to be gone. Christine recorded a mean away message and is excited about it. As a “superfan,” shouldn’t she know that Zach will be voting for the winner? Derrick is the only one working to evict them and then keep them on his good side.

Some jealousy happened, as Victoria is jealous and Cody is jealous. Derrick has not talked to Victoria in a few days and she is worried about her best friend. She thinks he talks to Christine too much. He smoothed it over later on. Cody is jealous that Christine is talking with Frankie so much, but they touched and hugged it out later and Christine made him an aluminum heart.

Also, Zach and Donny had their talk and Zach shared all the info with Donny about Skittle-gate and they were after him to begin with. I am so torn on who I want to come back from jury. Zach would definitely work with Donny, but he would go after Frankie big time. Hayden should work with Donny, but he said Derrick and Cody are running the house, so he would probably go after them. I am so torn!!!!

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