There were a few happenings in the Big Brother 2014 house yesterday, but nothing too major to report on and I am going to hit those highlights and move on from there. From emergency medical situations to Veto competitions, it was not your typical Saturday in the house, but that is what happens on Big Brother 16. Check out the highlights from Saturday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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VICTORIA: She has been having an issue the past couple days with her teeth and it was getting pretty bad on Friday night and was swelling up. Add in the Booze Delivery on Friday night and her drinking some and she was found on the bathroom floor by Nicole, the recent nursing school graduate. Nicole screams for Derrick to help! Victoria is gone for a while, but comes back and got an IV for her pain and dehydration and is back, but not going to compete in the Veto Competition if her name is drawn.

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VETO COMPETITION: The competition was done and Cody won. Apparently Week 9 is the week that Cody is finally going to start waking up and playing the game? He did win a chance to go to a premiere of one of the new CBS’ shows and bring two people with him, so he picked Nicole and Donny since they were Have Nots and could enjoy the food. The premiere event took place last night.

TEAM AMERICA: TA got their new mission: make up your own mission and then America will vote on it to see if they approve or not. So, the producers have given up on the twist also? Donny, being the amazing man that he is, said the mission should be to save himself! Maybe throw the PoV comp to him or flip the vote to get out Nicole again. Frankie overrides that mission and wants to put on a BB play! His idea wins out and watch that play tonight on BBAD!

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Derrick did talk to Caleb earlier in the day about Frankie being strong in the comps and winning HoH and hinting at the idea of getting rid of him, which Caleb said he’d go to the F2 with Frankie (so delusional). Christine was excited to be getting rid of Donny finally and Cody said that America would hate him, but Frankie said no (because we all love Frankie, duh). Derrick was working on Frankie to get him thinking about Cody, who has started playing the game now. However, Frankie said he is worried about Derrick and how he has never been nominated and everyone likes him (DING, DING, DING)!

While it looks like Donny will be headed out the door this week (and we all knew he would not make it to the end), I am not so convinced right now. Call it being optimistic, but they have a 6 to 2 advantage right now and a perfect opportunity to get rid of one of their own. Frankie has no safety covering him right now and probably the most vulnerable he has been in the competition, so why not take him out Derrick? Let him do his play tonight and then backdoor the hell out of him the rest of the week. I just have a feeling that this plan could change as today and tomorrow plays out….

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