What a night in the Big Brother 2014 house, as we had some big time emotions come out during the live eviction show last night and then we finally got an endurance competition on the Live Feeds! After that competition, I don’t think we are going to see much action today and a lot of people not able to get out of bed and move! Either way, we have a new HoH on Big Brother 16 and nominees were discussed. Check out the highlights from Thursday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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After saying goodbye to Donny, the HGs got started on the new HoH competition and it lasted over two hours and they took a beating. The live feeds refused to show us Caleb’s snowman, which meant he was in the lead. We saw a lot of Victoria, who was in last place, which is exactly what I wanted to see! In the end, Caleb won HoH and where this goes is beyond me.

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No big shocker, but Frankie went running to Caleb to “celebrate” afterwards, even with Caleb passed out on the ground after killing himself for that victory. I will give it to Caleb on this one: Beast Mode Cowboy came out for this win. And I’ll give props to Christine, who did one more scoop after Caleb grabbed his coal and she was able to grab her coal. This type of event has always been won by a man, so Christine almost broke that winning streak. Like her or not, that is impressive. Now I will discuss the night in thoughts, because I can.

FRANKIE: I do not like him. Loved his face when Julie Chen denied him apple pie. He was hurt by this and talked about it more and more as the night went on. He heard the screams for Donny and thinks there is something more to Donny, which is why America loved him. He thinks Big Brother fans don’t care who his sister is (duh). He thought his sister should have promoted her new album in his video message from her. He thinks he is hated by America because he is a huge star (who heard of him prior to this show)? He thinks America rejected the Team America mission because we are not ready to see a man in drag (or we wanted to see a mission being accomplished and not a normal night on the feeds for you)?

NOMINEES: There was talk of the nominees and it looks like Caleb will be putting up Christine and Nicole today. They have thoughts that the girls could be working together, especially since Nicole was giving advice to Christine during the HoH competition. Because of that, they want them both on the block and Christine can’t win veto and take Nicole down. This could play out to be a very interesting week, especially if Nicole wins veto and they go after each other. Then Nicole wins HoH during the Double Eviction on Thursday and we have a big mess! Also, there is no guarantee that Nicole is the main target for the week, as none of the guys fully trust Christine.

CODY: I just need to vent about him, as he is annoying more and more every day in that Big Brother 2014 house. He promised an “epic” nomination speech last week and was going to go off on Donny, which he said he loved him. He has said many times he was going to go off on someone and it never happens. He was saying how he hates Frankie last night and he should have put him up, but that takes balls and we all know Cody had his chopped off before he moved in. He tells Caleb to go off on Nicole during his nomination speech, so Caleb should tell her how much he loves her then?

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