Another week and another one of “them” in control of the Big Brother 2014 house. With Caleb as the HoH, we are in for another week of doing what Derrick wants and these guys not knowing they have the power on Big Brother 16. They think for a tiny second, but then something distracts them and they forget the thought! Check out the highlights from Friday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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So, the day consisted of the guys trying to figure out nominations and Caleb coming to terms with putting up Christine over Victoria and naming one the “Bomb Squad” members. They convinced him and he ended up telling Christine before the Nominations Ceremony that she was going up, but she would be a pawn.

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Before the nominees were announced, they got the Have Not food, which was Snot Roast. Derrick volunteered, which is what he said he would do after winning the $5,000 and 5,000 hollas in the HoH competition. No one else would volunteer, so Caleb had to put on his big boy pants and make a decision. He asked everyone and then said everyone but Frankie has been one twice, but Frankie only did it one time. Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner, right? Nope, Caleb goes against his word to Nicole and names her the second Have Not and she is on slop for the second week in a row. We have no Battle of the Block any more, so have these HGs do a competition to determine Have Nots and no more lame volunteering!

Nicole is upset she was named and knows everyone is out to get her and she will be put on the block again. As I think, don’t cry girl and you’ll get past this and don’t look weak, you have to feel for them (her and Donny the week before). They are alone in the house and everyone is coming after them and it has to get to you eventually.

The nominees were announced and it was Nicole and Christine being named and Christine is now worried about the guys and says to herself that she may go after one of the guys next week and not Victoria. Nicole needs to win Power of Veto and keep herself safe this week and let the guys work it out. At some point, Nicole sat in maybe Donny’s favorite chair or something and said she was trying to get some of his veto power to win it this week….how cute!

Other things: Cody and Caleb worried about what they’ll do when it gets down to the four guys. Oh, you worry about that now and how you both will be kicked out? Before bed, Derrick is comforting Nicole and they have a talk together, but it is probably Derrick trying to work a future jury member (something none of the other HGs understand). Frankie was being Frankie all day, which means an ass. After Nicole was upset for being a Have Not again, he said he would punch her in the face if she came complaining to him. He then was wishing he could be a big star like his sister and wants to record an album or have his own TV show someday…both dreams that will be squashed once he leaves the Big Brother 2014 house and double squashed when he hears Donny will be on TV!!!

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