While most are expecting another boring week on Big Brother 2014 after Caleb won HoH last night, but I am thinking we could see some interesting things happen this week and it all ends with a Double Eviction on Thursday night! I mean, Caleb still thinks the Bomb Squad exists, so you never know what is going on in his mind! He is very loyal though, so it could very well be a Nicole eviction and moving on to next week. We had the first step happen, as the Nomination Ceremony on Big Brother 16 was held for Week 10. Get those nominees below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers.

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Episode 27 Preview 2

After the HoH competition, the Live Feeds last night were all about relaxing and trying to recuperate from the grueling HoH competition. Cody was hating on Frankie, but Cody has no pull with anyone to get Frankie out this week. The guys are worried about the girls working together, so they talked about Nicole and Christine going up together and not being able to save each other if either one won veto. Nicole may be the target, but I think Christine could be by the end of the week or even someone else.

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The Nominations Ceremony is done and for the Week 10 nominees we have:

  • Christine
  • Nicole

They did go as planned, which is the norm for Big Brother 16. However, I just have a feeling that this week is going to bring us something crazy. I have a feeling, but no clue. I just don’t think Nicole will be evicted and I would be fine with Christine going home or even Victoria, since she has done nothing in the game and the pawn for everyone needs to go home!

What do you think of the nominees on Big Brother 2014 for Week 10?

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