It was the last night in the Big Brother 2014 house for Frankie Grande, so I had to share one last picture with everybody before the season comes to an end next week (how crazy is that)! The HGs got some alcohol and Derrick started to get a little ticked off with everyone. The HGs have an early morning today, so it was an early night for them on Big Brother 16. Check out the highlights from Sunday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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The HGs were up early (early for this season’s standards). The Veto Meeting took place and Cody did not use it, so Frankie and Victoria remained on the block for Week 12. To talk about the delusions, Caleb talked about being okay with taking third place because he will win America’s Favorite Player.

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Frankie has been trying to work Caleb the past couple days and not sure why, especially since he has no vote. He is telling him that Derrick has an “impeccable social game” and the jury does not hate him. More delusions from Caleb, as he counts jury votes and he knows that Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden and Nicole all hate Derrick. Ummm, it would be the opposite and those votes alone would give the win to Derrick!

Derrick is getting ticked at Frankie for these talks and he wants to blindside Frankie with the eviction this week. Caleb and Cody want to tell him, but right before the eviction happens. This is a topic of conversation throughout the day and they almost told him last night, but no luck! We probably won’t see the conversation since feeds go down sometime today!

The HGs got an alcohol delivery and Victoria got a little messy! Derrick was paranoid, as he was worried she was going to slip some private information. He was not a happy camper, but avoided anything bad happening. They were the last two up and he continued his “the jury hates me” talk. Frankie is the only one who doesn’t seem to believe that, but he is out the door and doesn’t matter now.

Also, Derrick and Cody were talking about how to handle the Caleb situation. He will be the next one gone, unless he wins veto since he can’t compete in the HoH competition. They are assuming that Derrick or Cody will win HoH, but how fun would it be if Victoria won? They talked about putting each other up with Victoria and then not ticking off Caleb if he wins veto. He would be the lone vote and they want to make sure it goes to Victoria, so could be smart thinking.

The HGs don’t know about the special eviction today on Big Brother 2014. They were told to wake up early, as they will be taping some footage to use on BBAD tonight. They think it will be used later in the week. They were also told to look nice, so they think they are getting a special visitor today, but it really will be a special goodbye to Frankie!

So, the live feeds will go down sometime today for the eviction and won’t come back until Tuesday night after the show airs on the West Coast. I thought it would be Wednesday’s show, but I was wrong. When they come back, we will know a ton of info and spoilers, like who won HoH and who is on the block and who won veto. They will have a lot going on after that eviction, so these HGs are in for a couple busy days!

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