The seeds are being planted all over that Big Brother 2014 house and I’m not talking about that last HoH competition that Frankie won. Derrick is working these final HGs and he has the help of his leader (according to her), Victoria. More speculation on that darn button and the HGs get a surprise visitor on Big Brother 16! Check out the highlights from Tuesday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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The big news of the day: the HGs got a special visitor for the day, as the Feedsters voted and they got a dog for the day! Meet Izzy, who is adorable and you wonder what she is thinking with that look? It kept the HGs entertained and got them out of bed before 3pm!

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The night before on the Live Feeds, we saw Derrick try to start his own version of “Dan’s Funeral” and it was a big flop. The funny thing is is that Dan Gheesling is on the show tonight, so maybe making fun of his attempt??? Either way, Derrick wants the guys to think that Victoria hates him after he told her he was not voting for her. The guys didn’t seem interested, but both of them were keeping up the act yesterday. Victoria did talk to Frankie about it and she played it up big time and he must have bought it, because he mentioned it to Derrick later about her really hating him. However, I don’t think it had the impact Derrick was hoping for.

Derrick is also planting seeds with the guys and telling them that the jury all hates him and they’d never vote for him, which is not true and makes no sense. What has he done for anyone to hate him in the Big Brother 2014 house? I honestly think he played too smart of a game with these HGs and it could hurt him in the end. We all see the amazing game he has played and worked over all of the HGs, but I don’t think any of the HGs have seen it and that could hurt him, especially if he is sitting next to Frankie in the end and all his comp wins.

We have a “live eviction show” tonight, but we probably won’t be seeing anyone leave! I am so ready to see how this BB Rewind button fully works and that happens at 8pm tonight!

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