We have been given a couple tidbits of information in the past week that could mean some huge news for Big Brother 16! Sure, it is all about how you interpret a message or a tweet, but we got some big news from former Big Brother HouseGuest Janelle Pierzina and maybe some Big Brother 2014 spoilers at the same time? Check it out below!

UPDATE: Check out details from Janelle below!!!


For the Big Brother 16 spoilers, here is the tweet from Janelle Pierzina:

UPDATE: And here is the latest tweet from Janelle, confirming that she is expecting Baby #3! Congrats to her:

Add that to the tweet from Big Brother host Julie Chen and it makes you wonder, right? Could this be an All-Star edition or maybe a mixture of new and old, since casting calls are going on currently? We know the premiere date for Big Brother 16 was announced and we know the casting calls are going on now for the new season, but they could hold casting calls just to mess with us!

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What do you think of the tweet from Janelle Pierzina and what it means?

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