It has been a wild night on Big Brother 2014 tonight and we have seen people get evicted, a jury member come back and now the first single HoH competition has taken place! Yes, for the first time on Big Brother 16, we will have one HoH and no Battle of the Block. I could not be any happier, as that twist was a twist gone bad! So, who won the HoH competition for Week 9 on Big Brother 16? Check out the details below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Episode 22 Preview 5

Tonight on Big Brother 2014, we saw CBS try and make us think that Cody could actually be going home. Instead, it was another unanimous vote (apparently Zach told Donny to vote with the house and not give them another reason to go after him) and Zach was eliminated. It was then time for the jury competition, which Nicole won and is back in the Big Brother 2014 house! They had some time to catch up and then the new HoH competition took place!


The winner of HoH for Week 9 is:

  • Cody

Well, our high hopes were just struck down and stomped on! I just can’t take it and another week of the same crap. We need Pandora’s Box or something, otherwise it will be another week of Donny or Nicole going home! Cody was fed up with Donny the last few days and said he was going to win HoH and call him out! Will that happen?

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