We found out the good news last night on Big Brother 2014, as Julie Chen made so many announcements as the show was ending: Zingbot returns this week, the dual HoH and Battle of the Block ends this week and the jury competition will take place next Thursday on Big Brother 16! That is a lot of action in one week, but gives me hope that things will start picking up. So, which juror do you want back in the Big Brother 2014 house? Tell us your thoughts and vote in our poll below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Jury Competition Winner

Here is what we know so far about this competition between the jury members:

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  • The first three jury members (Jocasta Odom, Hayden Voss and Nicole Franzel) will all be competing along with the evicted HouseGuest from this upcoming week.
  • They will compete in a competition and the winner will be allowed back into the Big Brother 2014 house to compete for the $500,000.

I am torn on this one, as the HGs were talking last night on the Live Feeds and it looks like Donny could be going home this week. We could see a lot of things take place this week, so maybe it won’t be Donny evicted? I guess it all depends on who is voted off this week, but from the other three HGs, I think Hayden could do the most damage. We all saw Judd Daugherty come back last season from the jury house and he finished in fifth place. This coming after his exit during the Double Eviction last season, so maybe a deja vu with Hayden this season?

Hayden is strong in comps (as is Nicole with her three HoH wins), but the remaining HGs seem to think she is a genius and I don’t think any of them would possibly consider working with her. Maybe Hayden could throw in some “boy charm” and mix in with the other boys remaining. Jocasta doesn’t stand a chance and can stay in the jury house with her alliance members: the father, the son and the holy spirit!

So, which jury member do you want to see come back next week on Big Brother 2014? Vote here:

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