We all know that the Big Brother Rewind and NFL football is messing with our Big Brother 2014 schedule, so I would normally do a weekly poll for who is evicted on Big Brother 16 for the live eviction show, but we all think it will be a simple rewind and we have to sit through another week of final five on Big Brother 2014! So, we should see a new HoH competition tonight and who do we want to win that? And who will win it? Vote in our poll below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Episode 12 Preview

It will be nice to see Frankie’s face tonight when Julie Chen announces that the week was for nothing and we are starting everything back over from when Christine walked through those doors. A new HoH competition (Derrick won HoH during the Double Eviction episode last week, so he can’t participate), new nominees, new Veto Competition and the five HGs remain in the Big Brother 2014 house for one more week!

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The only way for this new twist to have any kind of effect, we would have to see Frankie lose this HoH competition. If he wins, then we would most likely see it play out the same exact way, unless he loses the Power of Veto. I would rather not give Frankie the power again. With Caleb and Cody, they are always all over the map. I think Cody would go after Frankie, but you never know with him. I think Caleb could go after Derrick or Cody over Frankie. He is loyal and Frankie has a way of talking him down from going after him. Our true hope is for Victoria to perform some miracle and win tonight and have Derrick control her nominations!

So, who do you think will win the HoH competition tonight on Big Brother 16? Vote in our Big Brother 2014 poll here:

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