We have seen many showmances over the years on Big Brother and some worked out and some ended with one of the HouseGuests crying into the other’s shorts for a month straight! We could see that happen again on Big Brother 2014, as Caleb seems to have a crazy infatuation with Amber and it is not going to end well for him! Will this “love” for Amber ruin his game on Big Brother 16? I think it could, but details in my Big Brother 2014 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Episode 3

Caleb is something else and has taken my on a bumpy ride this summer and we are only into Week 1! Before the HGs even moved into the house, we saw some bad press and bad use of social media from Caleb. I tried to keep an open mind with him and he impressed me once he moved in (the rock hard body does not hurt). He is strong and a fighter, but then I got to thinking his competitiveness could hurt him in the game. Being strong can hurt you on Big Brother!

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He then shared HoH with Frankie for a little while and the two of them got close, which I never thought would happen. We saw piggy back rides and sharing the same bed, so those homophobic rants must have been a lesson learned for Caleb. Then he became obsessed with Amber! They never talk, but he seems to know everything about her and he can’t stop talking about her and staying in the area after the show ends and going out on a date and waiting until the show ends to not ruin either of their games!

Too late Caleb, as it has ruined yours! He did finally talk to Amber and it did not go well, but he has yet to figure that out. He likes her and she wants to be friends. To him, that means lovers until the end of time! Devin has slowly gotten the idea into Caleb’s head that Amber is not interested, but how soon before this causes a meltdown for Caleb and he self-evicts from the pain of a scorned lover???

Check out some photos of the “showmance” couple on Big Brother 2014:

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