We were introduced to three twists for Big Brother 2015 during the Big Brother 17 premiere last night. Two are repeat twists and one was a new twist, but will probably bring old twists to us on a weekly basis! One of the repeat twists was the Twin Twist on Big Brother 2015, which was also done back on Big Brother 5. So, who are the twins on Big Brother 17? I have some details below in our Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Twin Twist

Last night on Big Brother 17Julie Chen announced this Twin Twist as Night 1 of the premiere came to end. We still have six Houseguests that need to move into the Big Brother 2015 house, but could there be more? Tonight will give us more details, but this Twin Twist was something Julie acted like was never done before when in fact, these twins were successful in making it five weeks with no on noticing during BB5, so Natalie entered the house and they played as individuals instead of both playing as Adria.

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - BB5 Twins

Now, the same rules will apply for BB17, as the twins will play as one and switch throughout the game and it will be done in the Diary Room. If they can convince the other HGs that they are one person and make it through five evictions, then they will both enter the house and play as individuals!

Shelli did announce that she is a twin, but that is fraternal twins, so that would be a hard task to do. We also have Liz, who is moving into the house tonight. She has an identical twin, but I am not sure she will be able to pull this off. Besides me ranking her on the very bottom of my power rankings, the photos out there don’t convince me that they can pull it off. Check out some photos of Liz with her twin, Julia, right here:

So, do you think they can pull off the Twin Twist for five weeks? Or maybe they are already outed when the Live Feeds come on tonight???

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