Get ready for a jam-packed night of Big Brother 2015, as CBS is throwing a lot of information into one hour of programming: the first eviction on Big Brother 17, the Twin Twist revealed, BB Takeover with Kathy Griffin and the Week 2 HoH competition! How does all of that fit into one hour with Julie Chen live in the studio? I am not sure, especially since we also have to catch up on all the drama since the Veto Meeting took place on last night’s show! Follow along with us tonight during my Big Brother 2015 Live Recap and see who got eliminated on Big Brother 2015 tonight!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Week 1 Eviction Recap

After last night’s episode, we found out the final two nominees for Week 1 were Jace and Jackie, with the backdoor plan for Jace in full effect. Now we have all the drama from when that Veto Meeting happened and the blowup between Da’Vonne and Audrey and hopefully more of Audrey making an alliance with everyone in the Big Brother 2015 house!

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With that being said, we have a vote tonight and I made my predictions earlier. We also had our weekly Big Brother poll and both are leaning towards a certain HG. See if we are correct and see the battle for the two new HoHs, which could tell us where this week is headed. Plus, we have the BB Takeover again and the Twin Twist is revealed! The Live Recap follows!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2015 Live Recap or see who went home on Big Brother 17 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!



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Here we go…Frankie is in the audience….shoot me!

Jackie said she is going to lay low this week and not cause drama. I guess she followed her own rules! Jace said this is worse than Y2K. Jace talks to James and James said it isn’t personal and he is a threat, but Jace said it is personal. Um, this is for $500K and not for friends. Jace now talks to Audrey and she said she had nothing to do with it, but he calls her out and said she is in everyone’s ears.

Now we get to watch his campaign, as he thinks he is safe and can get the votes. Clay said he likes Jace, but there is no chance. Everything is going as planned, but Audrey can’t deal with that and she wants to tell Jace that the whole house knew. Jace doesn’t believe her and he goes after her and calls her out on putting up Jason’s name as a backdoor option. I actually like Jace right there, but Audrey calls him crazy….takes one to know one, girl!

TWIN TWIST – Time for the big reveal and it is Liz!!! They have switched four times and they switch clothes and have like 15 minutes to share info with each other! Do you think the HGs know? Some of them seemed to look at them weird at times, but who knows. They will switch live tonight and cast one single vote together.

VOTE – They both give their speeches: Jackie sounds like a cheerleader and Jace gives his Instagram info and calls out James for a fake alliance and babbles on and love that Jason is rolling his eyes! Time for the votes:

  • Jeff gladly votes to evict Jace
  • Da’Vonne votes to evict Jace
  • Jason ecstatically votes to evict Jace
  • Audrey votes to evict Jackie
  • Steve votes to evict his good friend Jace
  • Liz/Julia vote to evict Jace
  • Austin votes to evict Jace
  • Meg votes to evict Jace
  • John votes to evict Jace
  • Clay votes to evict Jace
  • Becky votes to evict Jace
  • Shelli votes to evict Jace
  • Vanessa votes to evict Jace

It is a 21-1 vote and Jace has been evicted from the Big Brother 2015 house and no big shocker tonight! Hugs all around to everyone and he apologizes and a freeze frame makeout with Austin. He does a flip/tumble outside the door and he says he loves Frankie. He gives a good speech and talks positive about Audrey and said he loves. Julie reveals the Twin Twist and Jace is shocked! He had no clue.

BB TAKEOVER – Kathy Griffin comes in for the BB Takeover and sends everyone to the backyard for the HoH competition. For the BB Takeover, she will be calling the HGs all week. The person that answers the 7th call will get to choose three people who won’t get to vote that week! Now, that could be a big twist on whoever answers that call!

HOH COMPETITION – They will compete in two rounds and the winner of each round will win HoH. For this competition, they will have to reassemble the billboard for Kathy Griffin. Round 1 is Liz, Stece, Becky, Da’Vonne, Meg, Vanessa and John. Steve and Vanessa are going good, but Becky comes out of nowhere and she wins the first round and is the first HoH!

For Round 2, it is Audrey, Clay, Jackie, Austin, Jason, Jeff and Shelli. Audrey sucked it up and I liked that. Shelli owned this won and she is the winner and second HoH for Week 2 on Big Brother 2015! So, Becky and Shelli as HoHs for Week 2….thoughts?

BB TAKEOVER – Kathy is back and she tells them one of the HGs will get the last laugh at the next eviction and she’ll tell them more later in the week!

What do you think of tonight’s show and eviction?

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