We have the return of Veto Night on Big Brother 2015 tonight, as we will see the battle for the Power of Veto on Big Brother 17 and end with the Veto Meeting to determine the final nominees for Week 1. Also, will CBS finally reveal the HG taking part in the Twin Twist??? Check it out with us during my Big Brother 2015 Live Recap and see who won Power of Veto on Big Brother 2015 tonight!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Episode 4 Recap

Last time on Big Brother 17, we got a closer look at the HGs and got to see how all 16 of them would be working together. Jason and James were Heads of Household for Week 1 and they seemed to work together very well and both had Jace as a backdoor plan. They made their nominations for the week (Becky & John and Steve & Jackie). It was then time for the first Battle of the Block competition of the season. It was a close race, but Becky & John won and took themselves off the block and dethroned Jason as HoH, leaving James as the lone HoH for Week 1 and Steve and Jackie still on the block.

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The fun continues on Big Brother 17, so follow along with my Big Brother 2015 Live Recap below!!!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2015 Live Recap or see who won PoV on Big Brother 17 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…after the Battle of the Block, Steve is upset her lost and a nominee this week. Jace does console him and tell him if he needs anything, let him know. James and Jason chat and continue their talk to backdoor Jace and James wants to rally up some troops for this alliance, besides Da’Vonne and Audrey. They decide to pull in Meg and Clay and think it is a good group, but Da’Vonne said it is temporary and that group is not going to last.

We then see Jace streak in the backyard and no one seems amused. Austin thinks people are annoyed by Jace and getting a bad vibe for him. They go up and talk with James and Audrey and he thinks he is safe and Audrey even throws out Jason’s name, just to throw Jace off. Jace wants to form an alliance with them all and comes up with Cloud Town, but James and Audrey do not look amused.

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Time to pick player for the Veto Competition. The players are James, Jackie and Steve. James picks Becky. Jackie picks John and Steve picks HG Choice and chooses Jason. The host is Austin!

Da’Vonne knows that a counting competition is going to come eventually, so she goes around the house and starts counting things. Clay and Shelli notice and think it is weird. She goes in Jeff’s room and they tell him about it, so he goes in and Day is pissed! She is pissed about Clay and Shelli sending him in. Jeff comes up to apologize, but Day ain’t having it and said she is mad at Clay and Shelli, not Jeff. Clay comes up a little later and they get into it and we see Day is one tough cookie, but shedding tears in the Diary Room.

This turns in a big mess for Day and she is a hot mess crying and now doesn’t trust Clay. Audrey tells her they just added him in. Now Audrey goes to Clay and tells him to apologize. They both say that Day is a loose cannon and needs to go soon. Clay then goes to apologize. Day knows that it was fake and Audrey went down and told him the same thing she told her and to put a smile on his face, but she ain’t playing. (Just a sidenote, but all of this Day/Clay drama happened up in the second HoH room, so this was before the Battle of the Block competition! CBS is showing us some old stuff right now before Feeds came on.)

HAVE-NOTS – James has to pick them, so he goes with the four that got the Fast Forward advantage: Liz, Vanessa, Da’Vonne and Austin. They get their room and it is a dentist office! John is not impressed, as everything is outdated, but how crazy to sleep in dentist chairs?

VETO COMPETITION – The HGs will work through an obstacle and dig through muck to find letters with numbers on them. They have to spell a word that will total the most points and can only bring back one letter at a time and have ten minutes to spell their word.

Jason said he is a terrible speller and is just going to grab a ton of letters and see what he can spell and tells everyone to go to college! Steve has a word he is going to spell, but he is losing his bandaids on his knees. They all lock in their words and time for their words:

  • James – Lifeguards for 8 points
  • Becky – Closest for 7 points
  • Jason – Zones for 6 points
  • Jackie – Judge for 6 points
  • Steve – Trombonists for 12 points!
  • John – Boogers for 7 points

With trombonists, Steve wins the veto and he wins safety for himself on Big Brother 2015! Becky does make a good point, as they all spelled their words correctly. Is that a first on Big Brother?

Steve is celebrating his victory, but now Audrey is on the move and not stopping. She is up with James and Jason, as she goes down and pulls Shelli out of bed and invites her into the alliance. Then she runs down into the same room and pulls Jeff away from trying to work it with Meg. He does not want to leave, but does. Now Audrey is pulling him in and James is not happy. Now she brings up Meg and Clay, so pretty much the whole house is there!

VETO MEETING – Steve removes himself from the block. James then said he made this decision for himself and by himself, as he puts up Jace as the renom! So, our final nominees for Week 1 are Jackie and Jace and the plan is to backdoor Jace, but will it happen tomorrow night???

What do you think of the show tonight? Tomorrow’s show is at 9pm EST, so back to the normal Thursday night time and they said we’ll find out the Twin Twist and Kathy Griffin comes in for the BB Takeover.

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