From the Week 1 nominations on Big Brother 2015 to the Battle of the Block competition, we should have one very busy night on Big Brother 17. It should be interesting to see what CBS shows us, but we should get some definite answers on who the twins are on Big Brother 17! Watch with us tonight during my Big Brother 2015 Live Recap and see who won Battle of the Block on Big Brother 2015 tonight!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Battle of the Block

We saw the Big Brother 17 premiere this past week, as Night 1 brought us eight new HGs and the first HoH competition of the season. Yes, Julie Chen introduced three twists for this summer, including the return of the Battle of the Block and that means two HoHs each week. James won the first HoH and Da’Vonne agreed to sit out. On Night 2 we had eight more HGs move in, including Jeff & Jackie from The Amazing Race Season 26 join in on the fun and part of Phil’s BB Takeover. The second HoH competition was held and Jason won and that is where we left things.

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The fun continues on Big Brother 17, so follow along with my Big Brother 2015 Live Recap below!!!


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Here we go…Jeff said it is important for him and Jackie to lessen the target on their back. We know see the love between Jace and Austin and we hear the BroCode rules, which are annoying! James and Jason get their HoH room and Jace wants to get the “honeys” in the bathtub up there. And he said he will be the king of castle, despite not winning HoH.

James and Jason talk about targets. Jason said he is worried about Steve and John, who he thinks he has the most fabricated story of them all and doesn’t believe he is a dentist. They have a very good talk and James is shocked they would be working together.

Jeff & Jackie talk and don’t want to appear like a pair. Then we see Steve give stupid pickup line, but they all were handing them out and he left them all laughing!

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BB Takeover – Phil Keoghan is back and the remaining part of the twist is inspired by the Fast Forward on The Amazing Race and it will be called BB Fast Forward. Vanessa and Da’Vonne will be safe for the entire week and just fast forward to Thursday night. They also get to bring someone with them, so each get to give out safety for the week also.

Vanessa and Da’Vonne have 30 minutes to decide who to give it to. They each talk with the HGs to decide who it will be. Da’Vonne, Audrey and Shelli have an all-girl alliance, so she doesn’t want to give it to them and put a spotlight on them, which has Shelli concerned. In the end, Da’Vonne gives hers to Liz and Vanessa gives hers to Austin.

Jace and Austin use some seashells to talk into. Because of that, they name their alliance ShellTown. Clay and Shelli talk and the showmance is starting and they say they can trust each other. They are both definitely pretty. Da’Vonne sees them talking, so she goes to Audrey and thinks Shelli might be a risk in their girl alliance, so Shelli is already on the outs. They both like Jason being HoH and talk about Jace being a target this week and perfect chance to get him out.

Audrey and Jason talk  and they are on the same page about getting Jace out. Steve wants to work with Da’Vonne and thinks it would be an alliance no one would see coming. He is so awkward and can’t come out and ask her for an alliance. He leaves and tells her he loves her and he catches himself and just leaves….too funny!

Up in HoH room, Day, Audrey, Jason and James think they have a strong core there (for now). They all want Jace gone, but know they can’t put him up as a nominee and win his safety. Now it is time for Jason and James to go around and try to find pawns to go up on the block. Everyone seems okay with it except Steve, who said the history of pawns going home is there and he is not all about it!

NOMINATIONS – They get boxes to see who is nominating first and Jason will be up first. Jason said this week is all about a backdoor. Jason is first and nominates John and Becky. He said their connection is not that strong, but sees them both as strong competitors and wants them to compete for safety. James nominates Steve and Jackie and said they will both get themselves off the block, so that is why he nominated them.

Day and Audrey celebrate the noms in the Storage Room. Steve and Jackie talk and he is just awkward. He definitely has to work on that social game on Big Brother 2015! Jason and Becky talk and she is upset about the nomination. She said they are going to win and she is going to put him on the block next week!

BATTLE OF THE BLOCK – Vanessa is hosting. For this competition, they are going to build a new skyscraper for the city line. They have to carry their pieces across these beams (with one of them moving) and get all their pieces across and build their skyscraper. If they fall off or drop a piece, they have to go back to the beginning.

Steve is really struggling with these beams. It is a very close race, but John and Becky get their tower built first and John kicked some teeth in! They are now off the block and Jason is dethroned as HoH for the week. James is the lone HoH and Steve and Jackie remain on the block for Week 1 on Big Brother 17.

We have PoV on Wednesday and final nominees then and all this crazy action happening the last couple days. Find out the PoV results here!

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