The Battle of the Block on Big Brother 2015 is back tonight and we find ourselves with HoHs from two sides of the house, so will they work together during Week 5 on Big Brother 17? You know they will because that is what this Fan Favorite twist is all about: planning and working together and throwing comps to keep those plans in place (ugh). However, sometimes plans fall through and I get this warm feeling inside when paranoia strikes the Big Brother 2015 house and it is about to happen! Check it out with us in my Big Brother 2015 Live Recap that follows!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Episode 15 Recap

Last time on Big Brother 17, it was time for the live eviction show and it really turned into The Audrey Show. The house was going to vote her out, so CBS showed us her breakdown (somewhat) and then moved on to interviewing her family and getting more of her story out there. She was evicted, but Austin threw in a hinky vote that would have the other HGs scrambling later in the night. From there, the Week 5 HoH competition was held and it was Jackie and Vanessa taking home the victory and I am very curious to see how well they work together.

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The fun continues on Big Brother 17, so follow along with my Big Brother 2015 Live Recap below!!!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2015 Live Recap or see who won Battle of the Block on Big Brother 17 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…Vanessa said she evicted Jeff a couple weeks ago, so she knew once Jackie won that she had to win and be safe. James, John, Clay and Austin are talking and they say the women are running over them and a guy will probably go home this week.

We go back to before the eviction and Austin talking to Liz and they decide to tell Jason about the twins and maybe use that to keep them in the game longer. During the twin switch, Liz tells Julia this and she hates the idea. I was going to mention this before, but I feel like I might like Julia playing on her own. Austin gives Jason the details and said he likes Liz and wants to save her and doesn’t care about Julia going home. Jason tells Meg and then they tell Shelli and then Vanessa joins in the conversation and they act shocked, but pissed in the DRs. I am pissed that Jason and Meg have trust in Chelli….why??? Now Chelli and Vanessa talk about Austin and think it might be best to get rid of him and keep the twins and use it for them.

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Now we see Jackie and Vanessa talk and they shake to not backdoor each other, which may factor into how this week goes (remember that handshake)! Jackie mentions Liz, Austin and Steve as possible targets. Vanessa goes along with it. Jackie said she’d like to stay HOH and Vanessa goes along with it.

Time for Jackie and Vanessa to get their HOH rooms. Julia is trying to be extra nice so maybe Jackie forgets that Liz put her up last week. James is loving Vanessa’s mom and said she is hot and Jason tells him to settle down, Caleb (love it)! Vanessa than confronts Austin about the twins and he lied and said Jason asked him about it and Jason wanted to take out Julia and keep Liz. She is pissed he lied to her and now talks to Julia and outs Austin’s lies. Julia is pissed, but said she won’t tell Liz this. (Um, why would she not tell her sister Vanessa)?

Now we have Vanessa and Jackie planning their noms and they talk to Chelli. It comes out that Clay will go up with Becky and win it. Becky and Clay agree. Jackie is going to put up Liz, so now to find someone that agrees to it. Vanessa and Jackie talk to James, Jason and Meg and James agrees to do it and throw the comp. Then they start some 8-person alliance, which seems legit, right?

NOMINATION CEREMONY – Jackie is first and nominates James and Liz and says they both put her on the block and she is just returning the favor. Vanessa nominates Clay and Becky and said she tried to be fair.

John is not on the block and doesn’t know what to do with himself on Big Brother 17. The twins switch and Julia does not tell her about Austin wanting to target Julia. She said that Vanessa is the only one they can trust. Liz said they can trust Austin too, but Julia said no. Really liking Julia more and more! Now we see Shelli wanting to vomit for seeing Clay on the board, but he is so safe everyone!

BATTLE OF THE BLOCK – Meg tells them to study the Memory Wall for a few minutes, as it flashes HGs from BB16! For this competition, they have to figure out what three HGs from last season were seen eating together at an Outback Steakhouse. They have to fling paint everywhere to reveal letters to determine the three HGs. The winners will get a special prize for winning.

Becky and Clay have some letters and attempt to guess the names, but are wrong. They keep trying and trying and Shelli is freaking out every time they are wrong. Liz is non-stop and going, going, going. James tries, but Becky and Clay suck at this. They are both very close, but Liz gets it done first and her and James are safe for the week and dethrone Jackie as HOH. Vanessa remains HOH and Clay and Becky stay on the block!

For winning, James, Liz and Vanessa are getting treated to a private Outback dinner, so that is nice. And remember when this plan was foolproof and gonna be fine???? I just love that it failed and Austin celebrates with Liz, so that is going to piss people off too!

Thoughts on tonight’s show?

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