If only the title could come true tonight on Big Brother 2015, as the Power of Veto competition for Week 11 on Big Brother 17 is upon us and it brought some major drama afterwards, including the end of Liztin? It appeared to look that way, but Austin couldn’t keep his finger out of off of Liz long enough for that to happen! Check it out with us tonight during our Big Brother 2015 Live Recap and see who won Power of Veto on Big Brother 2015 tonight!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Episode 34 Recap

Last time on Big Brother 17, we saw the drama following that evil Double Eviction. Then it was time to move on to a new week and a new HOH competition. While Steve was crowned the winner, we all saw that John gave it to him and was done with that final puzzle before Steve and just putzed around while letting Steve finish and win. From there, it was time to determine who Vanessa Steve wanted to target for the week. He made a big move and the show ended with Austin and Liz going on the block on nominees for Week 11 and the world rejoiced….for now!

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The fun continues on Big Brother 17, so follow along with my Big Brother 2015 Live Recap below!!!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2015 Live Recap or see who won PoV on Big Brother 17 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…Liz and Austin think we are buying they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Now we get tears from Liz and Julia and their hideous voices. Now Austin talks with Steve and it is a very civil conversation. However, Steve said in DR that he is ready to chop his head off at the end of the week. Austwins agree to throw it to Julia and let her win and save Liz and then vote to keep Austin and then we have some smack talking of Steve.


VETO COMPETITION – Mr. Pectacular arrives to host. For this competition, they have to spin around 15 times in order to get 15 seconds of bowling time. They have to throw their ball up the ramp to knock down four pins. If the time runs out, they have to spin again for 15 seconds. Last person standing wins POV tonight.

  • ROUND 1 – Liz versus Steve. It was a close one, but Liz wins and Steve is knocked out.
  • ROUND 2 – Julia picks Austin (because Vanessa told her to and she listened)! Now everyone is freaking out about this move and questioning Vanessa, but duh, it helps her game only. Now he says Judas is going to take over and win this veto. Julia starts strong, but Austin comes back and wins this round and Julia is eliminated and Vanessa still tries to defend this move.
  • ROUND 3 – John picks Liz. John is the bowling champ, as he kicks some major butt and wins and Liz is eliminated!
  • ROUND 4 – Vanessa picks Austin and he is pissed again and knows Vanessa is working against them. Austin is pissed and he crawls to the ramp and just starts throwing them and gets them all down and eliminates Vanessa.
  • FINAL ROUND – Austin against John. Austin tells John he wants it and he has him next week. Of course, John throws it and lets him win and Austin wins the POV!

Austin is pissed and gloats and is very cocky about his victory. Liz is pissed, especially since she is still on the block. This will lead to major drama and tears. Liz is pissed about Julia’s move and Austin comes in and they know Vanessa did it. The twins confront Vanessa and she plays it off and said it was a good game theory and Austin would not have thrown it to her. She brings on the tears and I just hate this and she brings the “I have all this information” line and she’ll tell them later.

Liz and Austin talk and he said they were wanting one of the Austwins gone and Julia screwed up their game. Liz said she wants this all to be done. Now she talks with Julia and Vanessa and Julia said Austin was not going to throw it to her. Liz said Austin is definitely no Clay. Yes, he isn’t. He tried out for the show many times and is a fan of the show. Clay was found at a basketball game and is a recruit, so of course he threw his game away.

Vanessa and Austin argue it out and she is so full of crap, but they all buy it. This is too much for me to handle. Now Liz and Austin talk and the lover’s quarrel. This show is too much for me to handle right now. Grabbing my barf bag, as Liztin is saying it is over! Now Julia comes in and the twins rip on Austin. Aren’t these girls such nice girls???

The fight last into the middle of the night, as Liz slept with Julia for a little bit and then went to talk to him. They kiss and makeup and I’m sure more happened. Show us that CBS!

VETO MEETING – They decide to show the Liztin fight more than renom talk. So, Austin uses the POV to save himself. Of course, Steve comes up and he talks about being the bad guy and he puts up Julia as the renom, so Liz and Julia are final nominees for Week 11 on Big Brother 17!

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