These Houseguests on Big Brother 2015 have my head exploding this morning, as there has been so much action going on since the live eviction show on CBS last night! I have you covered though, so keep up with all my Big Brother 2015 spoilers for details! For now, we have the results from the Battle of the Block on Big Brother 17 for Week 2! Check out the results below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Battle of the Block Results - Week 2

As I said just a little while ago, the nominees for Week 2 were named overnight and the BotB was taking place. Shelli seems to be targeting Da’Vonne this week and Becky wants Audrey gone, so we do have a house divided right now. The winners of this BotB could be huge for how this week plays out!

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We have no clue about what the HGs did for the competition, but here are the results of the Battle of the Block for Week 2:

  • Winners – Jason and Steve
  • Losers – Da’Vonne and John, so they remain on the block for Week 2
  • Final HoH for Week 2 – Shelli

In my eyes, the worst has happened. Shelli is targeting Day and if she comes down, then she mentioned putting up Jason as a renom. He cannot go this early!!! But then I like Day too! And I don’t want John on the block either! I think Shelli and Clay don’t trust Audrey, but she is a bigger target than them, so keep her around. With how this all plays out, that BB Takeover could be huge this week, right?

***Edit to my comment there: Jason won, so he won safety for the week. Shelli cannot put him up as a renom (way too much info at one time and my head was lost)!

What do you think of the results of the Battle of the Block?

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