I knew it would happen and it definitely is, as things are moving quickly in the Big Brother 2015 house! After Shelli and Becky won HoHs on the live eviction show last night, it was time to get into game mode and fast! Well, the Week 2 nominations on Big Brother 17 have been made and you can find them out below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Live Feeds Recap - 7:2:2015 - 12

So, after winning HoHs, Becky and Shelli only had a few hours to actually “enjoy” it. They were then naming nominees, so not much scheming and planning was allowed. We are actually currently in the Battle of the Block, so things are moving super fast, like I said!

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The results of that will come shortly, but let’s focus on those nominees for Week 2! Everything is rushed for the holiday weekend and avoiding any big events on Saturday, so the nominations ceremony happened last night and they are:

  • Becky’s nominees – Jason and Steve
  • Shelli’s nominees – Da’Vonne and John

So, Becky’s target is Audrey. If you missed it, Audrey was going around spreading lies (other HGs confirmed it was not true) about Becky and she was making racist comments. In fact, she was telling a story about her parents and talking about Aaryn’s comments from before. Becky never made a racist comment, but Audrey blew it up and Becky said that kind of stuff can ruin people’s lives, like the HGs on BB15 getting fired from their jobs. Becky ain’t happy and is gunning for Audrey, so Jason and Steve are pawns.

As far as Shelli goes, she wants Day gone. She thinks Day will come after her and Clay if given the chance, so she wants her gone. If Day comes down, then she puts up Jason. She wants them split up. So basically, we want a Day and John win in the BotB going on right now and Becky to remain HoH.

What do you think of the nominees on Big Brother 2015 for Week 2?

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