Get ready for some major downtime on the Live Feeds for Big Brother 2015, as CBS wants to keep all the action and spoilers hidden from us while the F5 get to work on closing in on the F3 this week! So, 36 hours without the Live Feeds on Big Brother 17? Check out the details below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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The Live Feeds had a news ticker pop-up yesterday announcing that Live Feeds would be going down at 9:00am BBT (12:00pm EST) on Monday morning and would come back at 9:00pm BBT (12:00am EST) on Tuesday night! That would put us right after Tuesday’s eviction show airs on the West Coast. So they are keeping us all in the dark until everyone sees that eviction, huh?

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So, what happens during that downtime? Oh, just some major events! They will be taping the eviction today (Monday) and show it on CBS on Tuesday night. From there, the HGs will move right into the F4 comps. We will have a new HOH crowned and nominations to be made shortly afterwards. The noms don’t matter, as we have the Power of Veto after that and that is where all the marbles are at! The winner of the POV will cast the lone vote at F4, so that is the comp you want to win. Well, you want to win HOH first because that means you can’t be a nom, but if you lose that then you want POV!

So, all of that will take place while the feeds are down! They did give us a sneak peek into the Live Feeds last season and we were able to see who won HOH, so they may do that this season too. However, with the vote is up in the air for this F5 eviction, they might not!

When the Live Feeds come back on Tuesday night, it should give us plenty of spoilers and hopefully some scampering and crazy times ahead of Wednesday’s live eviction. If you don’t have the Live Feeds, you can still get them and signup for the one week free trial and see all the action for the final week for free! Click on this photo to signup:

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