The Live Feeds came on late Thursday night after Night 2 of the Big Brother 2015 premiere and it has been a lot of catching up and trying to figure out what these HGs have been up to. Friday was the first full day of the feeds and these HGs are crazy! Big Brother 17 is off to a quick and intense start, as all the HGs seem to be going hard, but is it too hard? I think for some of them, yes. Check out the highlights from Friday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Live Feeds Recap - 6:26:2015 - 2

I am going to try and make sense of this all, so bare with me. If I missed something, then mention it in the comments. One thing I did not mention before is the Have Not room has dentist chairs for beds this season, so I included a photo below of them. Kind of crazy, but it did cause some drama in the house when James slept it there Thursday night and not in the HoH room. He said it is lonely up there, so he slept in them (and I believe him…no game play there).

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Let me talk Audrey, who I so want to like, but she is working my last nerve right now. I think she could be an amazing player, but she is trying way too hard and by the end of Friday night, I think she was in an alliance with everyone in the Big Brother 2015 house and maybe even tried aligning with some of previous HGs just to be safe.

She started the day talking with Clay and they seemed to have a pretty solid alliance going on. She did say in her interview that she wanted to use a showmance as a “meat shield” and she seems to have her targets on Clay and Shelli, as she has mentioned them kissing.

During this time, Da’Vonne talks with Austin and Liz and thinks Audrey is playing the whole house and she thinks she needs to go. Well, this gets back to Audrey and all hell breaks loose in the house and it literally goes all night long, but first: the Veto competition, in which we saw Steve win veto and he is safe for the week, the only sure thing right now!


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Right after the competition, we have talk going on everywhere regarding a he said/she said crap. Audrey and Da’Vonne seem to work out their issues, but I don’t think it is legit. I think they are both going at it strong and paranoia is already taking over during Week 1! I mean, Audrey even mentioned Steve making homophobic comments about Jason, which is why Jason started crying during the Veto comp. Never heard anything from Steve, so might be Audrey trying to stir the pot.

ALLIANCES – We saw two alliances formed and named yesterday, as the “High Rollers” consists of Audrey, Da’Vonne, James, Jason, Meg, Jeff and Jackie. This one actually seems legit, but not sure how long Audrey and Day can work together. We also have “Five Alive” and that consists of Jace, Austin, James, Clay and Audrey. No real strength to that one, as James still claims he will be putting up Jace and he will go home.

Audrey ended up chatting with Steve later on and talks about working with him, even though he made “homophobic comment” earlier? Then she talks with Vanessa later on and wants to work with her. Cool your jets, girl! It looks like Steve and Jace want to work together and Steve wants Jace to stay, as he was alone and talked about stealing something of Jace’s and putting it in another HG’s bag to start some drama.

Clay, Shelli and Audrey talked and it looks like they might want to target Da’Vonne next week, so it looks like it could be a battle between Audrey and Da’Vonne to see who wins out, as both are playing very hard right now, even though they all need to relax because there is still 90 days left in that Big Brother 17 house!

We didn’t see much from John and Vanessa, but Da’Vonne was trying to work on John at some point for his support. Vanessa did admit the game overwhelmed her, so maybe it was a move and now sit back and let everyone else explode on their own, which is happening!

There is a lot of action right now, so you definitely want to subscribe to the Live Feeds to keep up on all this action! Here are some photos from the action:

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