If you can keep up with everything going on in the Big Brother 2015 house, feel free to contact me and start writing these recaps because my head is hurting right now! These HGs do not have an off switch, which does make it very entertaining, but also makes it overly hard to try to summarize what is going on on Big Brother 17! Check out the highlights from Tuesday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Live Feeds - 6:30:2015 - 9

It seems like Tuesday was a non-stop day for these HGs, so good luck deciphering any of the details. If I jump around on these recaps, sorry. That is how crazy it is and I just will spit out random things when they come to my head!

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James did get the HoH camera, so that got everyone out and about and posing for photos, which I should have to post later in the week. On Monday night, Jeff started the anti-Audrey campaign and that continued all day long. It hit it’s peak when Da’Vonne confronted Audrey about all the lies and kind of called a mini-house meeting, which was a blast to watch. Details here!

From there, it was Audrey playing the victim and acting like all of this that has been going on is not her fault. Shelli even called her out on some stuff and Audrey said it was “misunderstandings” between what she said to her and Clay. Um, that’s just called lying in my world! Clay seems to be officially done with Audrey, but who knows with these people.

As much as Vanessa was a part of the big blowup with Audrey and being accused of being the mastermind behind an all-girl alliance and they all wore black one day, her and Audrey talked later and they could possibly work together. Audrey’s sink seemed to have sunk earlier in the day, but she was doing some talking and there still could be hope for her, especially since we know production will do everything in it’s power to get her to win HoH next week, which even Jason commented about!

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As far as this week goes, Jace is acting like he has given up and is going home, but he says he has a big plan and I expect fireworks for tonight. I don’t know what he was doing, but he is also a douchebag. At 8:41pm BBT on Cams 1/2, he talks with Steve in the lounge and he just berates him. It is borderline bullying, but Steve took it like a pro. Jace said everyone makes fun of him and he is the next target and he was the only friend Steve had in the house and blah, blah. He acted like Steve was the one behind this plan to backdoor Jace and he had the power to make sure it actually never happened. I think Steve knows it is a game, so he didn’t seem to care while Jace is trying to make it personal. When all was said and done (and it went on for a while), Jace said he has big plans and Steve better get on board.

After the blowup with Audrey and Day, alliances seem to be shifting and I am sure I missed quite a lot in this recap. I am waiting to see who wins HoH and then to see where true alliances start to fall. Most seem to be evict Audrey, but what happens when she wins HoH???

Check out some photos from Tuesday’s feeds:

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