After a few wild days on the Live Feeds for Big Brother 2015, things seemed to slow down a little bit on Wednesday, but you can blame Audrey in bed pouting all day for that! Jace is headed out the door, but he had one last plan to stick around on Big Brother 17, but he seemed to forget about that plan later on. Check out the highlights from Wednesday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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After Da’Vonne went after Audrey yesterday, Audrey decided to play the victim and stay in bed most of the time. While I giggle about that, it also makes me sad because she has been the reason for all the excitement this season and she needs to get up and make some noise!

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Jace and Audrey have gotten into some arguments over the past few days, so Jace apologizes to her. However, he does not apologize to Steve and the way he treated him on Tuesday night??? Audrey wants to work with Jace and now her eyes seem to be set on Jeff and getting him out next week. She goes to James and tries to tell him that Jeff is gunning for James next week, but Meg crushed that lie later on in the night. Jace even campaigned to James at one point, even though James has no vote.

We also saw Austin and Liz chat during the day and they seem to have given up on Jace and said he has no chance of staying, but Jace still thinks he has a chance. He was supposed to have a meeting in the Storage Room at 5am with everyone, but that didn’t seem to happen.

James and Jeff talked during the day about Shelli and wanting to get rid of her, as she is tight with Clay and this would allow them to get Clay where they want him. The HGs decided to have BB Prom at night, so Clay gives Steve a makeover and Steve was looking quite sexy. He was having fun and loving it, so it was a very cool moment to see. They had a talent show with their prom and showed off their “talents”. Jace also commented on how sexy Steve looked, but don’t try and be nice Jace….we don’t like you!

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The Have-Nots got to eat finally! And then production delivered Chinese food for everyone, as that is what Feedsters voted on for them to eat. Audrey, not able to get out of bed apparently, had food delivered to her by Shelli and then Steve went in to check on her later. Also, whoever gave these HGs sunglasses to wear needs to take them back, as they are so annoying and always wearing them!

We should have some excitement tonight on the Live Feeds, as the first live eviction takes place and the new HoHs for Week 2 are crowned and the scrambling begins! For now, check out some photos from the Live Feeds on Wednesday:

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