We didn’t have the normal Wednesday freakout in the Big Brother 2015 house, but we did have some interesting moments along the way. Audrey came back to life and Austin may have just blown up his own game and all in the name of love on Big Brother 17! Check out the highlights from Wednesday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Audrey Middleton

In the morning, Becky and Shelli were talking about Audrey and how she “opted out” of the Veto Meeting and it isn’t medical. Becky has some pretty good things to say about the situation and comes off as a smart cookie, if only she would start playing the actual game! We also had Austin and Liz laying in the hammock and he can’t keep his hands off her and she can’t seem to get far enough away from him! He touched her back in bed earlier too and it is just weird. She does send mixed messages to Austin, so you can’t blame him, but focus and see she is not that into you!

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Vanessa talks with Clay and Shelli about who alliances might be on the other side of the house. Vanessa leaves and Chelli want to stay close with both sides of the house depending on who gets power at HoH comp tonight. Austin plans on voting to evict John and blame it on Steve and keep the America’s Player rumors going around. Steve sets off so many alarms for these people and for no reason at all.


Right as the show started last night on CBS, we got movement from Audrey! She talked with Jackie in the bathroom and got some details and a hug from her. She told Audrey just to come out and hang out and no game talk. Then it was time for a Shelli/Audrey talk that went on for an hour. Audrey wanting to know why and it just went in circles. Just leave Shelli! Then it was time to confront James about why he flipped the info she gave him (which was actually the truth about the six-person alliance).

Later on, Audrey performs that BB Musical from the other night but mixes up the words in the Have-Not room. She then emerges from the HN room with a blonde wig and asks if everyone is ready for a Takeover??? She said she is Liz’s other twin, as seen in the photo above! It may be a little crazy, but she is alive and breathing and nice to see.

Now to the Austin debacle. He outs the twins (who everyone knows about) to Jason. Earlier, Julia came into the house after a switch and Steve told her just to tell everyone since everyone knows. Now Austin tells Jason about them and tells Jason that the twin is Julia. He also says he really likes Liz and he wants to take out Julia because Liz would take her over him and he doesn’t need that and he wants Liz all to himself in the jury house (again, someone playing to get jury and not actually win the game)!

Jason tells Meg and Shelli and Vanessa and Austin’s game just imploded! I mean, he was just announcing his love for Liz, so how bad could it have gone??? He is an idiot, but the HGs are bigger idiots, I’m sorry. Now the target is on Austin and both sides can’t trust him, but the twins are going to come in and everyone is fine with that??? Chelli wants Austin gone and they can have the twins all to themselves on Big Brother 2015.

An interesting night on Big Brother 17 live feeds and it could factor into how Week 5 goes after tonight’s HoH comp. Check out some photos from the Live Feeds here:

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