I said you never know what is going to happen with Vanessa as the lone HoH on Big Brother 2015 and I was not lying! A plan was in place, but that was blown out of the water on Saturday night and I honestly don’t know what is going to happen this week on Big Brother 17. Check out the highlights from Saturday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 7-25-2015 Live Feeds Recap 8

To start, there was way too much talk and it went all over the place, so this recap will be confusing and may miss some things that happened….sorry! Let me get Becky out of the way, as she was upset when Veto players were picked and when Clay won Veto. She thinks everyone is with him and they all wanted and planned for him to win, so she is all alone.

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From there, the plan was to backdoor Austin. Vanessa was ready to talk to Liz and share all the details with her, as Vanessa was freaking out that Liz was picked for the POV and wanted to tell her beforehand. Before that could happen, Austin comes in and he lies again to Vanessa about the vote and Vanessa seems done with him. Austin goes downstairs and talks to Liz and she said Vanessa knows he voted for John and now Austin is freaking out because he lied and he wants her to fix it.


Liz finally comes up and now the circles begin. She doesn’t help Austin, but throws him under the bus. She said she is not interested in him. To be honest, this whole night went all over the place and it was exciting to watch on the feeds, but so hard to recap!

Vanessa went from Austin to getting rid of Becky, Meg and Jackie! She mentioned a backdoor Jackie plan, which they did agree to not backdoor each other for whoever stayed HoH. Austin does mention that he is an ally and a number for them, as he got the idea that James, John, Jackie, Jason, Meg and Becky are a six-person alliance and if they vote Austin out then they will be even numbers.

Throughout all the talks and the target being on someone else’s back, I still don’t know what Vanessa is going to do. Clay suggested putting up Austin and campaigning for him to stay and if it works, then they know Jason and Meg are working with them. If not, he is gone and they know where Jason and Meg stand. Jason and Meg did make an official alliance for themselves, as they are the Goblins.

Vanessa also wanted to call a house meeting and poll everyone on who they wanted as a renom. Yes, she is that insane! She also wants a reason from Austin to keep him. You know, because she needs to justify every action she does.

There was a lot more action going on, but it was all a hot mess and it will all change today. I am sure Sunday will be another day of people’s thoughts going in 50 different directions! It could be Jackie on the block or it could be Austin or maybe even it comes back to Steve. Who knows? For now, enjoy some photos from Saturday:

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