It looks like Vanessa has secured the votes to stay this week on Big Brother 2015, but Becky and Shelli are growing suspicious of this and I think we could see a fun Wednesday in the Big Brother 17 house! Check out the highlights from Tuesday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 8-11-2015 Live Feeds Recap 5

This all stems from Monday after the Veto Meeting and Van came into the HN room and told James Gang how Becky was being so mean to her outside. In between all her tears and crazy talk, she did mention “The Generals” alliance between her, Shelli and Becky and that Becky was the leader of it. Crazy talk, but it worked and that seed grew into a big ol’ plant in James’ mind!

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To be honest, most of the day consisted of James Gang trying to figure out if they should keep Vanessa over Shelli. In all honesty, this is a better move for James and his game, as Shelli would be coming after him for sure. Is it better for Meg and Jackie though???

Things first kicked off with James talking to Austin, who wasn’t picking up on the clues that James may be interested in keeping Van. He ended up telling him to talk with Van and they’ll reconvene afterwards. James did talk with Van and she said all the things that James needed to hear and that Becky was working with both sides of the house (which is true), she called James a sexist, Jackie was impossible to talk game to and James is one of Becky’s targets. From this convo, it was a done deal to keep Vanessa over Shelli.

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So, James talked with Austin again and they agreed it would be best to vote out Shelli and they talked about a F6 alliance (James Gang and Austwins). James goes to Jackie and Meg and everyone seems on board with this plan. They agree to go to Becky with the flip details Thursday morning.

However, Van is acting more confident and laughing and Becky and Shelli are picking up on it. Becky talks with James Gang throughout the night and they reassure her things are fine. Becky said she put her game on the line for this move. James Gang later talked and Becky even became one of their targets, as she has won $10K already and would be fine. They did agree that Van would be their next target, but Shelli needs to go now while they have the chance.

Other things happening on Tuesday in the Big Brother 2015 house:

  • Steve and John have no clue of what is happening around them. They talked about needing to pick a side of the house and soon (um, they picked sides already and you guys aren’t included).
  • Van and Austwins agree that Becky, John and Steve are the next targets. James Gang agree to put up Van and John if they win HOH.
  • Steve complained about having a “mommy ache” and he needs his mother. I have determined with him that Van and now Shelli are his “mother” in the house and that is why he is close with them. I think his real mother tells him what to do in real life, so he needed Van to tell him what to do and now it is Shelli. He gravitates to them because he needs that motherly figure in his life and they both can fit it, for now.

For now, it looks Van will be staying and Shelli will be the first one evicted on Thursday night. However, we have plenty of time before that vote and we have a suspicious Becky and Shelli, so that could make for a Wacky Wednesday! Check out some photos from yesterday right here:

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