With the Veto Meeting yesterday on Big Brother 2015, we found out the final nominees for Week 6 and then things got messy. To be honest, these HGs don’t seem to know what to think and change their mind every other hour, so it could be a fun week on Big Brother 17. Check out the highlights from Monday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 8-3-2015 Live Feeds Recap 9

The day got started with the Veto Meeting and it was Clay and Shelli remaining on the block and Chelli will be no more when this week comes to an end. However, which HG is going home is still up in the air, but it might be Shelli sticking around.

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To be honest, I think this all factors down to how Vanessa feels about things. She can make Sixth Sense think the way she wants them to, especially since Austin and the twins were wanting Shelli out and then switched it to Clay. They now think that Shelli is a bigger target and they can hide behind her.

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It appears that John and Becky will vote to keep Shelli and I am losing more and more faith in John, as he was talking about being sad they are on the block and one of them is leaving. Steve is a hot mess and needs to go, as he serves no purpose. He thinks he is with Sixth Sense and Vanessa talked to him about him needing to win HOH and she can’t keep doing it for them (SOS Alliance). I want to go in there and slap him and tell him he is an idiot!

Vanessa is already planning next week, because you know, they will win HOH and control the nominees and target. She wants to make it seem like Shelli will be the target, but then take her down and backdoor someone. Her targets: Jackie or John! Yup, John has no clue and still seems to be aligning with that side of the house.

I am thinking things still could get interesting this week, as these people change their minds too much and it is only Tuesday! James and gang think Shelli is gone, but that is not the case. Vanessa and Shelli are delusional and making James into a mastermind and a ninja for winning that HOH comp, so you never know what might pop in their mind these next three days.

It should be fun to watch, so get your Live Feeds here and check out some photos from Monday right here (and see how much Liz hates Austin):

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