While Week 6 on Big Brother 2015 has been very enjoyable for us fans, this week’s Super Fan POV is going to be even more enjoyable! Week 6 on Big Brother 17 is in full swing, so see what this superfan thinks about the HGs still in the game! Check out the Super Fan POV for Week 6 below in our Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Jon is this week’s Super Fan and he said: I want to thank Todd for choosing me and everyone else for prompting me to follow through in preparing this for the site. To provide some background, when I was an undergrad, I had a professor that had a little game he played with the lab teams where he asked people to assign cartoon characters to each person in a defined group. The excerise was intended to teach us how we viewed others and how our perception may be different from others. I have done this for every BB season. Every week the character for any given houseguest may change. This week’s activity level has made me re-think some choices, but overall looking at the year as a whole, these are my picks. The cartoon characters range from genre to genre, so hopefully everyone is up to date on the gamut of cartoons past and present. With that said:

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“Lets Start the Show”


John is Shaggy, get the easy one out there first. John strolls from comp to comp like Shaggy does from mystery to mystery, they just chug along and try not not get into trouble along the way. They both get excited over the little things in life and constantly take orders from the pretty people surrounding them. John has Becky like Shaggy has Scooby but just playing down the middle of the house might not end well for this meddeling kid.


Clay and Jonny Bravo could be twins. Both are empty upstairs and need the attention of a woman to feel whole. The only thing missing are the sunglasses. I do not see anything he has done except for getting into catfights with Audrey and Da (and Shelli a week or so ago). Cuddling with Shelli and running his fingers through his hair (Bravo style) will not win him this game. His game before this week was Shelli’s little Chihuahua she carried in her purse that barks and defends momma, but there was no bite to that bark.

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