Meg and Tweedy Bird – Perky and very upbeat, Meg spent the first several weeks in her little cage feeling protected and safe; then she saw the putty cat(s) in the house. Tweety always got the best of Sylvester and Meg is currently sending in that mean old dog in to attack those cats in the house.


Jackie and …………. now it is not what you think! It is not Princess Jasmine; it is the pot in the background. You think it moves or is going to play an important part in the scene, but most of the time turns out to be just a decoration in the background. There is actually another similarity. In the cartoon series, Princess Jasmine picks up the pot, dances with it, and puts it on display in an attempt to make it a point of interest for a moment. Just like Vanessa did a few weeks back – by putting Jackie on display and giving her the opportunity to prove herself. But in the end, Vanessa put the pot back in the background and did what she wanted.

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