Shelli and Daphne are both fictitious characters (Shelli cannot be this same person in the outside world). Both are somewhat shallow and extremely needy. Daphne has Fred to save her every time she falls into a trap and Shelli had Vanessa and Clay up to this week. Shelli and Daphne always seem to revert to the role of victim. This week, with her back against the wall, will we see Daphne or Cruella de Vil?


Steve and Millhouse from The Simpsons are the ultimate geeks in their own separate worlds. Both are controlled by the powers that be and are only looking to be accepted and have some fun in return. Steve, like Millhouse, is capable of success, but needs to figure out that his friends are sometimes not his friends. He needs to play a stronger role in what happens in the house or he will always be the sidekick.

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