Vanessa and Icky Vicki from the Fairly Oddparents – Each year it seems that you have either a master villain or a villain of the week going on in the house. This year it seems as though we have both. While Austin, Shelli and Clay have rotated in that role from week to week, there has always been Vanessa being that talkative target of disgust by some BB fans. Like Vickie from the Fairly Oddparents, she discusses her evil plans way too much – to the point that they should be easily foiled by the good guys. Vickie is all about the cash and would do anything to get it and I can say that of everyone in the house, Vanessa is the only one who appears to be playing to win the money.


Austin and Brutus from Popeye – What else needs to be said: twisted, stupid and musclebound. Brutus and Austin will do anything for the love of the girl. Like Brutus, Austin will not win the day or the girl and only find out too late she was playing him all along. Big Brother needs to recruit people in the future with more brains and less brawn.

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