James was a Minion (Carl I think) – Up till Friday, James was like a Minion as both crave to work for their evil masters and most times you really do not know what either of them are saying. James did bounce all around the house following the direction of the person in charge. Then the big dog plan was put in place, so since Friday James became SUPERMAN. The question is next week will we have a Minion or Superman. Is this bold move going to be the kryptonite for James and kill his future game?


Liz has to be Olive Oyl. When the cartoon begins, Olive Oyl is either getting ready or already on a date with Brutus. It is only when the chips are down and it starts going in a direction she does not want, she calls for help. In any other season, the other guests would have never let her get past the week when the Twin Twist was discovered by the houseguests, but Brutus was there to save the day this year. Now she finds herself like Olive Oyl, alone, with Brutus trying to kiss her and no Popeye in sight to save the day. Maybe her sister smokes a corncob pipe.

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