The Veto Competition came a little earlier for us this weekend on Big Brother 2015, as I wasn’t having to stare at Jeff Loops for six hours. The results did not go exactly as planned, but when have they ever on Big Brother 17? Check out the highlights from Saturday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 9-5-2015 Live Feeds Recap 4

Pre-Veto comp stuff is light, as Liz apologizes to Steve for being upset yesterday and they hug it out. Steve talks to himself and says that Austin was lying to his face earlier and Liz is not his target, which he has said a few times now.

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We then go down for the veto comp and I was thinking it could be another long one, but not so much! They were down about two hours and come back with Austin wearing the veto necklace and everyone else wearing tutus! It was a knockout style comp and the twins are pissed that Austin did not throw it. Vanessa joins in and is pissed because it is Vanessa. She says she has a bunch of stuff on Austin to share, as everyone has on you…if they would just talk to each other without you there!

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To be completely honest, this was very dramatic and went on for a long time. It was Liz being upset that Austin wouldn’t throw away his game for her, as Clay did for Shelli. She won’t talk to him and tells Julia she is sleeping in her bed with her this week. Austin made them dinner of chicken in the shape of hearts and veggies and Steve delivered it to them and they declined the food!

Now to Vanessa and who knows what is going on in her mind. After the veto comp, she talks with Austin and called him a piece of s*it. Why? Because he tried to work with the twins to keep them all safe and that would mean Vanessa would go on the block. Yes, how wrong of him to play the game with his allies and not think of you first, Vanessa!

Later on, she is talking with Austin again and they talk about a F3 with Julia and he said he couldn’t take her out himself, so he would throw it to Vanessa and have her do it (stupid, stupid boy). Then her meds were slowing down, as we saw different personalities showing. She convinces Austin that Julia needs to go because everyone will take her over them to the end. Then it shifts to Liz needing to be evicted because they can beat Julia more easily. At this point, I don’t think Vanessa even knows what to think anymore.

The rest of the night consisted of the twins trying to decide which would be better to stay this week. They think Julia has a better chance of making F2 and getting the $50,000. However, they think Julia could win it all, if she can make the F2.

Some other interesting notes from Saturday:

  • Steve pretty much said that Julia would go up as the renom.
  • Steve is on to Vanessa and he said something shady is going on with her.
  • Steve tells John that he does not like seeing girl’s nipples (um, what). John replies that you could live without them, but “it wouldn’t be fun.”
  • The twins were trying to get on VH1’s Twinning show (which is a much better fit because they are all trashy on there), but they were pulled from that casting pool for Big Brother 17.
  • Steve says late at night that he is going to mess with Vanessa and get her to worry (probably as being a possible renom this week).

So, it looks like Julia will be the renom and who gets evicted this week is still up in the air. Sunday is always a day of back and forth and trying to figure out the renom, so it could maybe happen. I want to see Vanessa sweat a little!

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